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Greetings from EO Events! We understand that most corporate events are organized by the most hardworking bunch in the company utilizing their free times. Hence, we would like to reward all of you with free event details especially events in KL Area — where to go for your next company annual dinner!

1) Sunway Resort Hotel Grand Ballroom

Sunway Resort Hotel Grand Ballroom which is located right next to Sunway Pyramid, is definitely a good place to go to in year 2019 to year 2020, as this venue has just been renovated and reopened by May 2019. In terms of decoration, in house facilities and the status of other facilities like VIP holding room, meeting rooms and even their toilet, Sunway Resort Hotel Grand Ballroom can definitely increase the excitement of your guests, as it’s whole new. If you fulfilled the minimum spend and is taking the whole ballroom, there are a total of 5 LED Screens, an extendable stage which is wide enough for majority of the event on it’s own, and not to forget, the whole new set of lighting and sound system built in inside the ballroom.

The only downside of the venue will be the price — although it’s located at Puchong area, the price for the dinner menu is at the same level with international hotels at Bukit Bintang area, for example JW Mariott Hotel Grand Ballroom.

2) JW Mariott Hotel Grand Ballroom

JW Mariott Hotel Grand Ballroom is definitely a good place to go especially when you are inviting directors from company HQ from other countries, as they get to enjoy the premium hotel rooms and the view of the busiest part of KL — Bukit Bintang! Not to mention their perfect location which is in walking distance to Pavilion KL and all the other good restaurants, this would be the perfect place for events that invite VIPs that you would like to make their journey to Malaysia or KL, an unforgettable one.

While JW Mariott Hotel Grand Ballroom is definitely understandable to cost a little more than other ballrooms in KL area, it has it’s other ‘cons’ too. In terms of ballroom decoration, it’s not as new as Sunway Resort Hotel Grand Ballroom, like showcased in the picture. The second disadvantage that only the event managers will know, is that the hidden costs for JW Mariott Hotel Grand Ballroom can be quite high, especially when it comes to the lighting system and sound system rental. Thus, it is suggested to be as specific as possible when an event organizer is dealing with event venues regarding the price.

3) HXC Grand Ballroom

HXC Grand Ballroom is an event space built at Pudu, right beside Pudu Sentral Mall and Pudu Sentral Hotel. Unlike all the ballrooms inside the hotels, it is located at the top level of a fair-to-say, old building, and your guests might miss it very easily without the aid of Waze or Google Map. Despite all these, HXC Grand Ballroom has it’s advantage to be able to stay at the same level with those international hotels like Sunway, JW Mariott, St Regis and Sheraton Hotel!

First of all, unlike all the hotels, HXC is a very event based venue. As an event organizer, you doesn’t need to worry that your guests will be annoyed by the always occupied lift by other hotel guests. Also, the grand ballroom is equipped with a very unique feature, which is the hydraulic stage. This stage feature enables you to design very premium gimmick with very little effort, especially for company’s anniversary celebration. Out of so many benefits HXC Grand Ballroom can provide, the most important trait of this ballroom will be their price, where their dinner menu per table cost not only lower than international hotels, it’s basically half the price of the first-tier international hotels!

HXC Grand Ballroom is almost a perfect venue for internal events for the corporate. However, it’s a different story when it comes to public events like media launches or brand launches that will usually involve a lot of ministers from government or celebrities from the other countries. The main reason is because the ground level of the building is actually a dry market in the morning, it might give the VIPs a negative first impression if they links your brand image to the event venue. Also, there is a certain distance from the nearest 5 star hotel to HXC Grand Ballroom, thus it might take some time for the celebrity to travel from their hotel to the venue.

4) St Regis Hotel Grand Ballroom

You didn’t see the picture wrong, in the picture there is a built-in 270 degree LED Screen in St Regis Hotel Grand Ballroom, which is definitely all the event organizer’s dream! St Regis Hotel is well equipped with nice ceiling decoration and is able to provide a 3 side 270 degree LED Screen coverage, which can make a lot of performances and gimmicks possible, and it raises the level of certain performance to a whole new level like LED Screen Mapping performance! St Regis Hotel might not sound so familiar to everyone, but it is actually located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s public transport, not far from KL Sentral and is surrounded by famous hotels like Le’ Meridien, Prescott and The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Organizing events in St Regis Hotel requires a lot of event knowledge, due to the complexity brought by the LED Screen. In certain session of the event, the LED Screen should serve as one whole screen, but in certain session it should be switched to main screen and side screens too. In short, if the good facility in St Regis Hotel Grand Ballroom is not utilized wisely or it’s not needed, to be frank there’s always more cost saving options that can provide the same ambiance.

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